Posted: 1st January 1980

MBLA dedicates itself to clear and precise architectural design, combined with the requisite management skills to translate our client’s initial brief into built reality.  We are passionately committed to achieving excellence so that our work is both understood and used with ease giving enjoyment and delight.

Each project is bespoke, as all good architecture demands; we do not propose “off the shelf” solutions to our clients. In every aspect of our work, we seek to maintain this clarity of purpose.


We believe in a team approach to creating imaginative accessible and sustainable buildings.  We have a considerable knowledge base in the range of skills necessary to design and deliver inspiring architecture to meet all current demands.

We appreciate that every capital project represents a significant commitment of time, cost and intellectual effort on the part of our clients.  As building procurement becomes increasingly complex and demanding, a significant part of our role is to lighten the load on our clients through the application of our knowledge and skill.


We bring many advantages to our client’s projects, including innovative strategies at appraisal stage, early anticipation of problems or risks and originality of proposals to make schemes viable or to increase client’s returns.  We do this by first analysing, questioning and developing our client’s brief to engage with their objectives.


Creating and delivering projects in every sector over many years, we understand the route to successful buildings is founded in collaboration.  Our most acclaimed work stems from the most collaborative creative partnerships between client, design team and contractor.


Intelligent responsive architecture emerges from the application of appropriate technical solutions.  We invest our time in understanding new and emerging technologies to give each project the benefit of that investment.  We seek simplicity through innovation to ensure that our projects have long service life and continue to exceed client and user expectations through continued use.


•    Architecture
•    Interior Design
•    Project Management
•    Contract Management
•    Planning
•    Access Assessments
•    Brief Writing
•    Viability Studies
•    Statutory Consultation
•    Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment
•    Lifetime Homes Assessment
•    Design Review
•    Expert Witness