Lower Broughton Masterplan

Posted: 3rd December 2008

Salford (2008)

As one of a small number of Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder projects nationwide, the 195 acre site in Lower Broughton, Salford, represents a major part of the emerging Salford vision. MBLA are masterplanners for the whole development working with Countryside Properties and Salford City Council.

The site was redeveloped following slum clearance of low density social housing which exhibited all the problems of social, economic and environmental under investment. The masterplan takes all the benefits of an established community and creates a new edge of urban mixed development linked to the rich existing natural landscape asset with 3 miles of river frontage.

Integral to the development of the design was an intensive community consultation process carried out through regular forums. This essential partnership helped MBLA develop an integrated design taking into account resident knowledge and expectations. Complex technical constraints arising from the flood zone were used creatively to form urban parkland surrounded by high value mixed use development.

Planning consent was obtained within the statutory 13 week period and works progressed immediately on the first phase of 1,500 new homes for new and existing residents.

Lower Broughton by MBLA Architects + Urbanists

Factsheet: Lower Broughton Masterplan

  • Client: Countryside Properties
  • Location: Salford
  • Value: £500,000,000
  • Status: Current - First Phases Completed