Posted: 1st November 2006

Newbridge, Eire (2006)

Masterplan in context

The project is a collaboration between MBLA and Traynor O’Toole to produce a masterplan for 270 hectare extension to the town of Newbridge, Ireland. The central focus of the project was the development of a new GAA Stadium. Construction of a new highway connecting the southern half of the town with the Little Connell inner relief road dictated the format and nature of the masterplan. The Stadium is conceived as the largest element of a central swathe of new buildings which also contains a hotel, offices and educational buildings. North of the commercial buildings are new residential developments which are a mixture of low, middle and high income units.The southern edge of this linear development is composed of a water element which separates the light industrial buildings from the commercial. The use of a large body of water as a key element of the proposal gives the overall scheme a dynamic yet tranquil central organisation.

Newbridge Masterplan by MBLA Architects + Urbanists

Preliminary Scheme

Factsheet: NEWBRIDGE

  • Client: Bennett Developments
  • Value: £135,000,000
  • Status: Study Completed 2006. Un-built Project